ABM's 27 Popular Trailerboat Tests

This is a huge, 242 + page compilation of the most requested boat test downloads from the ABM Sea Library through the highest selling trailerboat period the industry has ever experienced. Needless to say, because we made sure we were testing all the top brand boats for the magazine’s readers through the period (roughly) the mid 1990s-2015 in Fisherman & Boatowner (‘F&B’) magazine, the Sea Library is a superb resource for research into these older models that – ironically – are in more demand than ever today, as local trailer boat manufacturing is scaled right back, and good quality new boats are increasingly hard – and expensive – to source. 

However, there are hundreds of tests in the Sea Library, so in order to select the Top 30, we decided to let the boating public’s choices – following a thorough audit of their actual downloads – determine the final list, but as we wanted to keep the finished publication under 30mb in its low-resolution form (pre 2014), we culled the first list back to 27 reports. However, when we were deciding the limits for this version (created in 2021) we wanted to uses hi-resolution images wherever possible in the all of the later tests to increase the overall quality of the reports we’ve chosen.

Importantly though, each test is exactly as they were published when they were brand new, making them unusually interesting to research from today’s consumer perspective.  

Nothing has been re-edited, but in most cases we have added a ‘Hindsight’ comment, written very recently in most cases, to give the test a needed historical perspective.

Here is a quick look at what's inside.