Advertising in Australian Boat Mags

Looking for boat owners, be they fishermen or sailors, in every corner of Australia?  Whether it’s in a small or large powerboat, a yacht, an off-the-beach sailing craft, a tinny, a kayak – or they are still deciding – doesn’t matter. We cover ALL kinds of boating in Australia. It’s in our DNA. To assist overseas suppliers, importers and advertising agencies we have a three tier level of Media Kits to study.

The first level provides just the quick, hard facts over two pages – the idea being to enable customers to quickly determine whether they need to know more, and the level of further facts and figures they’ll likely need. 

The second level 8 page Media Kit is a very comprehensive review of our marketing strategies, plans, costs, opportunities for partnerships and sponsorships. It has been carefully produced for the ad agencies doing detailed and comprehensive research on the Australian marine industry generally (especially useful for agencies from overseas) and Australian Boating historically and currently.

And importantly, how and when you can nail PW down for a fact-finding conversation or his opinions on just about anything in the Aussie boating world – he’s always happy to chat with bona-fide customers – as long as it’s not the last days of the AB production week. (Moral: send PW an email first, and log-in a suitable date and time for a yarn – and we’ll go from there. -AB)


"Almost 50 years later, we’re just as proud, still independent - and even more enthusiastic about boating in today’s world, then ever."
Peter Webster