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AB is a national digital (PDF) magazine nearing its fifth decade of serving Australia’s diverse mix of boating enthusiasts from every walk of life, in every type of craft imaginable, in every corner of the continent. AB has always recognised that Australia is blessed with many of the finest recreational boating waterways on the planet, a stable and predictable summer-style climate – and a million or so boating enthusiasts, be they fishermen or sailors – enjoying Australia’s remarkable 34,000 (+) kilometre coastline and almost endless bays, rivers and waterways and more than 1,000 coastal estuaries.

Australian families love their boating; they love being able to ‘get away’ from the day-to-day hub-bub and issues (never more so than during the recent spate of pandemic lockdowns and border closures) and like nothing more than the simple pleasures of swimming, fishing, sailing, diving, tow sports in all its happy forms – or just feeling the sun on their back and a well earned coldie, as they prepare a beach BBQ with family and friends.

This is Australian Boating.    

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Check out our awesome range of e-books. Everything from how to get into Sportfishing, to an in-depth look at the basic state of Powered Cats of Australia, to how you can build that ‘dream’ fishing cruiser or family yacht in aluminium, in the definitive publication Plate Alloy Boats of Australia. Find out how to Renovate or Makeover ‘pre-loved’ boats, or take a look at some of the most Popular Trailerboat Tests – or do the research (and find the inspiration) to travel to the Kimberley region of the nor’west of WA to one of the most pristine, remote and spectacular boating areas in the world.