Plate Alloy Boats Book 7.5 COLLECTORS EDITION

An amazing 322 page reference book for all types of boatbuilding.

  • Best of SIX editions of PAB 
    – Fitting-out Ideas encyclopedia 
    – Hundreds of pics 
    – Dozens of top DIY & Pro boat plans 
    – Heaps of practical tips that will save you both money and hassles
  • Experienced guidance and advice in setting up a contract to build a plate boat

An exceptional production created by amalgamating the best of six separate editions of the renowned series, Plate Alloy Boats Of Australia. The very first edition was published in 1998, and a new edition, based around different boats (and equipment developments) each time, was subsequently published roughly every 2-3 years. Immensely popular with both amateur and professional boat builders, all of the printed editions sold out long ago, but demand for the unique and very specialised articles in them has continued unabated.

With amateur and pro ‘ally’ boatbuilders from all over the world inquiring about “the ally boatbuilding book”, something had to be done – and after months of culling, editing, and re-organising, the best of the first six editions’ timeless technical features were amalgamated in this encyclopaedic 324 page, online production.

It is now recognised as a unique, stand-alone reference centre for plate aluminium boatbuilding and fitting out.

The whole book downloads immediately and once ‘saved’ to your computer, it can then used 24/7 without needing an internet connection ever again. The total size of this awesome 2021 edition of the 324 page book is a healthy 350mb, as it’s been published with high resolution photographs as so many images are educational – and the technical detail is vital. Fortunately, it is still a very manageable download for today’s iPads, laptops, tablets, etc, let alone home or business computers.

Once Plate Alloy Boats of Australia  is saved to your device, it can then  be kept forever,  and be read or printed without an internet connection i.e., on the factory floor, whilst flying overseas, or at the bottom of the back paddock over lunch.

Buy this book now and it will download immediately – and get that dream started.

Here is a quick look at what's inside.