Powered Cats Of Australia

The only publication of its kind in the Australian boating world dedicated to the exciting world of the powered catamaran.

Whilst power catamarans have been around since the early 1920’s, Aussie designers, nav-archs and boat builders have taken them to another place since the early 1970s.

Over the years, the rough and tumble cats of yesteryear have been refined in sophistication, build quality and performance to the extent they are widely regarded as the finest rough water, ocean going small craft in the world today. Used all over Australia as (virtually) the ‘standard’ search and rescue craft, they make-up the back bone of the Australian Coastguard flotilla, the Marine Rescue fleet, plus all States’ Water Police, Harbours & Marine, National Parks & Wildlife patrol craft – and various arms of the Australian Defence forces.

They are also used nationwide by recreational and commercial fishermen. Universally, fishos relish and appreciate the powered catamarans’ inherent safety, soft ride, stability and superb rough water performance and handling. Set up properly, in competent, experienced hands, length for length, there is no better craft to take to sea – especially if you fish, dive, trap or crab for a living.

This edition of Powercats of Australia has been difficult to produce, as so many powered cat manufacturers are really struggling, or have suspended production, or closed altogether, in the ongoing wake of the pandemic induced economic slowdown. Rather than suggest manufacturers to our readers who look to ABM (that’s us – ABM, for Australian Boat Mags) for guidance and advice in this crucial area, we’ve pulled our normal Catalogue of cats produced in Australia out of this edition.

At this point in time (October 2021) it’s just too hard – not to say irresponsible – to nominate or suggest who is building what, with any degree of reliability. Instead, we urge both readers and cat builders to get in touch with the Australian Boating team in the months ahead, with a view to re-establishing the latest news and operating position of locally built brands and models that do make it through these tough times, and the latest on the various new models being imported from overseas, expected in 2022.  (-PW, Nov 2021)


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