Australian Boating - 6 Issues


Featuring all latest boating coverage from Australia’s most experienced boating team.

  • Kicking off a typically diverse issue, the Lift Foil 3 cover and in-depth feature is itself an amazing development, using technology we could only dream about until very recently. A fabulous sport, now booming around the world.
  • Beneteau is renowned for a huge range of sailing craft, literally from sailing dinghies to superyachts – but it’s the middle ground they are focused on with the release of the new First 36 cruiser-racer.
  • Nobody saw it coming, but E1 electric powerboat racing has very strong and influential backing in Europe, and they are determined to take it to the world following in the footsteps of Formula E car racing.
  • SeaJay is one of the best known aluminium boat manufacturers in Oz, and this new 670 hardtop reviewed by Jeff Webster is only going to enhance the reputation – it is one helluva of a nice boat!
  • And writing about nice boats, the Quintrex 460 Renegade side console ticks all the right boxes for about 85% of Australian fishos – kid you not, there’s not much you can’t do in this 460 model, as it can easily cope with just about all most popular forms of fishing.
  • In this month’s edition, AB continues its research and notification of intent to pursue the Great Electric Australian Fishing Boat Project with naval architect Troy Munnery, and a team of seconded experts contributing to the creation of a practical, 4.3-4.6m (TBC) family fishing boat powered with an electric outboard at both ends i.e. one pushing (around 50 to 60hp) and the other pulling – one of the various lift-out trolling motors on the market. Both drawing from the same battery bank.
  • As expected, this edition, AB#297 is actually the last of the bi-monthly (pandemic) magazines, as we go back to our normal monthly format from July magazine. Doesn’t really affect subscribers (apart from the obvious they will now get an AB every month, instead of every second month) because the subscription database has always worked off the magazine number, not the date. That’s the way we have done it for the last 49 years – and if it ain’t broke, we ain’t going to change it! 
  • Good to see our 4WD Towing section back in play – after the pandemic really stuffed up 4WD deliveries and the sales – and great to see the big F-150 will be here in 2023 to join the hugely popular Ford Ranger series.
  • Australia has a very vibrant Australian Sailing organisation that works hard to make sure the doorways and pathways are open for youngsters to grow up through the ranks in the sailing world. Di Pearson has written a great update on the performance of our young AST in the recent championships in Europe – good to see her coverage they work so hard to achieve.


Australian Boating - 6 Issues


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