ABM's - Sportfishing

With a huge 158 pages of editorial in a 29 mb PDF read-on screen publication, ABM’s Sportfishing is editor/author Peter Webster’s latest big annual-type book we have published, actually designed for reading on a computer or tablet, with special typography, stunning pictures, and simple, easy to read layout.

It is a publication created to be a real inspiration and working guide for newcomers to sport fishing, and at the same time, a wonderful walk down memory lane for the older hands. Marvellous ‘back verandah’ reading material includes historically significant features about sport fishing pioneer Athel D’Ombrain, the legendary ‘Big Man’ of game fishing, Peter Goadby, and indomitable master game-boat builder, David Pleysier.

However, ABM’s Sportfishing is first and foremost about ‘need to know’ info, and this book is chocker with vital technique and tackle information. It has many timeless, in-depth reports about setting up outriggers and tag lines, downrigger systems, plus the latest jigging & deep water fishing techniques.

As a ‘textbook’ for blue water sport fishing off the Australian coast, from east to west, and north to south, it provides an incredible knowledge base that would otherwise take years to learn and utilise. Invaluable for anglers just starting to ‘smell the salt’ – and truly inspirational for anglers wanting to re-kindle the fire. Especially the timeless Goadby & D’Ombrain features.


ABM's - Sportfishing
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