Trailerboat To The Kimberley

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The inspirational adventures of two separate trailer boat expeditions through the Kimberley, WA.

Trailer boat cruising and fishing through the ancient and revered Kimberley Coast, WA, is one of the last great small craft challenges. It can involve short distances around the edges, or long, long voyages of up to 4,000 kilometres running the coast from Darwin NT to Derby, WA. And even further, if time, equipment and logistics allow the adventurer to ven partially explore the indirect areas of the Kimberley.

In 2008, Clint Earnshaw completed the Wyndham to Broome passage with two mates in three boats and a heap of willing youngsters. Then in 2012, Dennis and Joan Fitszimmons completed the longer run from Darwin to Derby in their 6.0m Ocean Craft.

We have compiled these two exceptional reports into one definitive, 108 page PDF publication, now so easily read and enjoyed with our new production protocols on a computer, laptop tablet or smartphone.

Given the renewed attention being given to Australia’s unique boating and fishing regions, the Kimberley Coast is on the very top of the ‘bucket list’ for just about every Aussie fisho and adventurer. This unique, timeless publication has extraordinarily detailed ‘need to know’ information essential to any serious expedition planning – but more than this, it is a truly inspirational read about one of the world’s best fishing and boating destinations, and how you can best plan to ‘step-up’ to the ultimate trailer boating adventure.


Trailerboat To The Kimberley
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