Welcome to the SEA LIBRARY.

Australian Boat Mags’ SEA Library is a unique marine editorial library containing hundreds of boat and engine tests, consumer reports, seamanship, fishing and feature articles published in Fisherman & Boatowner (“F&B” 1993 – 2011), then The Boat Mag (2012-13) and most recently, in Australian Boating (2013 – current).

The SEA Library also has a growing selection of what are called ‘Retro’ tests. These are major boat tests and reports written exclusively by Peter Webster as far back as his first Australian Boating (1973-1989) era, and subsequently, in various magazines between 1990-2012. The Retro section features an array of in-depth boat tests for many of the most popular boats ever built in Australia, craft that are still hugely popular on the second hand (or ‘pre-loved’) boat market.

Of interest, many of the original tests contained some very brave journalism; the Retro tests are generally written to a standard of journalism that is simply inconceivable in this day and age, when legitimate – or needed – criticism is rarely countenanced by all but one or two of the remaining Australian boat builders and/or importers.

The Sea Library is now (in 2021-22) an exceptional resource for consumers researching the history and background of craft they might be thinking about buying, or for research into a vast number of technical features, DIY projects and subjects covering boats from stem to stern.

It is also a phenomenal tool for people coming into boating for the first time – regardless of age or aspirations. Apart from dozens of specific fishing articles and ‘how-to’ reports, we have listed dozens of family holiday destinations providing the comprehensive ‘hands-on info boating families need to know’ before they head off from their home base on their next exciting boating adventure.

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