ABM's Trailers, Towing & Rooftopping

For Australia’s estimated 690,000 trailer boat owners, that dull grey appendage – their boat trailer – underneath their boating pride ‘n joy, is never high on their list of ‘need to know’ info or research priorities, until

(a) The wheels actually come off.

(b) They get knocked back by the increasingly tough boat trailer Registration inspectors.

(c) They can’t get the boat off the trailer without a tractor, or

(d) All of the above! 

Peter Webster’s last, completely revised, and re-edited edition of Trailers, Towing & Rooftopping, is the only book of its kind. It’s a bit special too – it only took him about 40 years, half a million miles around the ‘block’ – to launch ramps and beaches from Exmouth WA to Cooktown FNQ to work out how to sort a boat trailer that didn’t leave him fuming by the side of the road, in the rain, seared-on bearings, and a car load of hungry kids . . .

In 14mb, the book has 141 pages of tips, bits, gear advice, techniques – even how to completely restore a stuffed trailer to pass Rego – and without a shadow of our doubt, is the best insurance you will E.V.E.R get for your boat trailer adventures.

Download once – and keep forever! This timeless edition has been re-designed for tablet, smart phone and computer reading in our renowned PDF protocols, which make reading, using and revisiting the book a delight. Well,  most of it anyway – some of it is pretty painful – BUT, if the cap fits . . .

Here is a quick look at what's inside.